Anybody Notice a Speed Increase?

Hi. I moved this site to a T3 facility and wanted to know if any of the long time users noticed a performance improvement? Thanks, Neo.

Yes, the speed <b>difference</b> is remarkable. and thanks for your effort.

BTW what is this T3? any big advantage than using DSL? is it expensive?


A T3 costs around $43,000/month :slight_smile: We are just sharing the T3 with others. I've found DSL (SDSL) to be OK and I moved to the T3 facility because of problems with our DSL provider (Northpoint). Glad you like the speed increase !

Most definately! The site flies now. What kind of box/OS is the site running on?

No doubt: Apache/1.3.12(PHP/4.0.2) on Linux :slight_smile: Right?

The platform is the same as before (Linux 2.1.16 on an AMD K6-500 with 256MB ram). We did not change this. The only different is the network connection. We switched from 784KBPS SDSL from Northpoint to a co-location facility with multiple T3 backbones. T3=DS3=44.736 MBPS.

I will upgrade to an AMD Athlon K7-900 processor this summer. Right now, I'm having problems with my K7-900 setup and will stick to the K6-500 until the bugs are worked out. The K7-900 would be faster yet, but it tends to hang (in my lab) for some reason so I'm keeping the old, reliable K6-500 in production for now.

Glad you are finding the site faster :slight_smile: