all the pretty scripts gone...gone...

I managed to delete my first shell script which was a menu that called functions. I made it all real nice and it ran like a winner.

I was so pleased with it I wanted to print it out and look it over, over lunch. Well, lets just say Im better at scripting than just regular commands coz I deleted it....slaps capital L to forehead with thumb and forefinger

Its gone *sniff*

I dont know how to print from vi, Im ashamed to say, and the command I used
hang onto your bellies was funcfile>prn...what possessed me, ah, um, lack of any clue?

Oh dear, well if anyone would care to condescend to telling me where they think I may have banished my first unix born Id much appreciate it.

Before I go on and make a suggestion that will undoubtbly make ME the laughing stock of the Unix world. I'd like to say, "At least I tried".

Ok type:

find / -name funcfile

Hopefully this will locate your, "FIRST BORN".


Michelle let us know the exact command you typed on the command line, perhaps, as mwright has suggested, you may have simply redirected the output of your script to another file, however it does look as though you have redirected the output from something else to your script, and hence ovewritten it :frowning:

Don't worry! When I first delved into shell scripting, I had written a 1500 word beautifully streamlined script with sed and awk statement that performed a number of functions, it took me 2 weeks - then the HP 712/60 it was on died :frowning: And along with it so did my script. But alas losing that script actually taught me a lot more as I had to write it again and picked up even more skiils as my knowledge of scripting increased!

...Just a little anecdote to show you that you have not been the first, and you wont be the last :slight_smile: