adding printer in unix

Hello guys... can anybody please tell me how to add a printer in unix environment?

The Printcap function is a simplified version of the termcap(5) data base used to describe line printers. The spooling system accesses the printcap file every time it is used, allowing dynamic addition and deletion of printers. Each entry in the data base is used to describe one printer. This data base may not be substituted for, as is possible for termcap, because it may allow accounting to be bypassed.

If you dont want to deal directly with the printcap file (not exactly user friendly), most Unix vendors provide a gui interface. HP has 'sam', Sun has 'admintool', Linux has 'linuxconf', etc. You can also use HP's JetAdmin tool on a variety of platforms to add a network printer.

What type & version of Unix are you running?