A basic UNIX question... please help

I am currently learning SHELL PROGRAMMING and I have been set this
basic task: To identify who I am and 'output' it ten times.

Now I know that the 'WHO AM I' command identifies who I am but I just
cannot find how to reproduce it ten times. I've tried using 'echo'

while who am i

but this reproduces WHO AM I infinately. How do I specify the amount of
times I want it reproduced. Do I use 'echo' at all or 'loop'?

Please reply,
Thank you very much,
Pete :slight_smile:

I looked at the man page on the bash shell and the korn shell. Both have build-in arithmetic operators like -eq and -le which are called CONDITIONAL OPERATORS.

If you read the man page and use these CONDITIONAL OPERATORS the problem in your post is easily solved.